Fusion 2 is a FREE festival for young and old with workshops and animation that you can experience with calm background music. The festival will take place on 18-09-2022 from 12:00 on the Hengelhoef domain near Houthalen. Click here to see what there is to experiencet : Participate 


We are currently living in a time where there is social exclusion, a world where we consider medical discrimination to be normal. In an anti-social society where discrimination and apartheid became the norm. A world where fear rules. To connect people and for a better,
warm future for ourselves and our children, we have created Fusion: a project in which human rights once again take centre stage, without discrimination or exclusion. A project where people come together again. Fusionfestival is from and for everybody, and therefore
completely free of charge.

Many different groups, each with their own constituency and unique outlook, have a common goal. They want to meet other groups and people, each with their own unique contribution. We are all heading towards a bright future, a future full of love and freedom.

People are on the look-out for like-minded people. They have lost friends, acquaintances and family in an increasingly polarising society and often think that they stand alone in this. Many people registered for the first Fusion and within 8 days, 2000 tickets had been reserved. Once again, response rates are very high. There appears to be a great demand for connection. It is already clear that this edition will be a success.



Fusion Freedom Festival 2022

Association of various groups



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Fusion is a free festival from and for everyone. However, this is only possible with the help of volunteers. People who want to contribute selflessly to make it an unforgettable day for everyone. Do you want to join in too? Click here to find out how you can help.

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Connection and Collaboration

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